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Cherokee Forest Voices
1101 Antioch Road
Johnson City, TN
Phone: 423-929-8163
email: Catherine Murray


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home-page-overview-of-gorge.jpgCherokee Forest Voices is the leading organization in East Tennessee to address issues related to the management of the Cherokee National Forest. We are volunteers who are interested in the conservation of this vast resource as a wonderful, wild and natural place. Some of us are farmers, some teachers, some doctors, some factory workers, some lawyers. Some of us are hunters, some anglers, some cyclists, some hikers, some photographers. Even though we have these different viewpoints, we share a common goal:

to promote and encourage the value of allowing nature and natural processes to determine the present and future condition of our national forest lands.

watauga-gorge-home-page.jpgWe value the clean water that springs up and flows from the Cherokee National Forest. We value the scenic beauty of the mountains and forests. We value the variety and mixture of life found in the naturally maturing, ever-changing forest. We value the opportunities to reinvigorate our souls, reenergize our minds, and rejuvenate our bodies in the sights and sounds and smells and tastes and feels of nature's creation. We value hunting and fishing and walking and cycling and picnicking and camping in this natural arena.

But the character of the Cherokee National Forest is under threat. For the past few years, the forest has been managed with a strong emphasis on timber cutting. The effects are beginning to show. Under present policies, one half of the forest will be replaced by thickets and will be kept in that condition perpetually. Oaks and hickories are disappearing, streams are becoming laden with silt, and herbicides are jeopardizing wildlife and drinking water.

These policies are unacceptable!


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